My adventure in video making began back In high school where I would skip math class to work in the dark room hidden in the back corner of a large computer lab filled with early 2000 era iMacs. It was on one of those iMacs that I edited my first movie. Having filmed a friend sliding down the stair rail, I learned in iMovie how to reverse the clip, directing my subject to slide down and up the stairs to the beat of Earth, Wind & Fire’s Let’s Groove. I wish I could find that video!

After graduating from Winona State University in 2009 with a Communications Studies degree, I worked for a health insurance company, where I begin making internal company videos. After two years I decided to focus my full attention on video production. I quit my desk job and worked part time at Starbucks, hustling for video jobs. After a year, I put down the barista apron and jumped into video full time. Like many of my colleagues, I started in wedding films and have since moved my focus into the commercial realm.

When I am not behind the camera I am probably tromping around the south Minneapolis river trails with my mongrel canine, Althea. I enjoy yoga, Thai food, playing guitar and songwriting, traveling to new cities and outdoor destinations, and going to concerts.